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On the sets

Weddings are always in boom round the year. Couples are not sticking to boring wedding photography but they want to make it memorable. Many couples are going for theme based pre-wedding shoots and its in trend. Its more about a swag bride & groom going Hi-Fashion shoot before wedding. Recently a similar kind of shoot was directed with “Beach Resort Destination Pre Wedding Fashion Shoot” For VK’s PANACHE runway. For more information, please visit our official Facebook page.

FRESH FACES - April 2019

EVENTS - Highlights


Inch-by-inch coverage of the event by our experienced photographers. More pics »

Color & You


How dull the world would be without color! We rely on it as a means of identification and it adds richness and diversity to everything we can see. Imagine life without the splendor of crimson sunset, without springs hosts of golden daffodils! But what exactly is ‘color’? Here we explore the extraordinary phenomenon of color–fashion’s greatest inspiration!

Music Reviews


Amongst many uprising singing stars and albums, here's another one for you! This is a latest Punjabi song feat Zoya and belongs to the album Age 19. It is sung, composed and written by Jass Manak while its video is direcetd by Satti Dhillon.

Weekend Getaways


Remember that Beverly Hills Song by Glen Frey-The Heat is on. The song holds true for the plains of India in May and June. It's Summer time once again and the plains are going to be hot, very hot in fact. But not to worry! "Luxuriant Journey" are here to design your perfect vacations.
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Lá Fiesta Updates: Issue 2 2019 out now. | Check out our updated model bank, events and designer hub portals.
Lá Fiesta magazine is designed on the theme of fashion, entertainment & lifestyle. We give you a unique magazine that keeps you ahead in the world of fashion with that subtle touch of humor bringing a smile on your face, along with entertainment, style and other high energy elements that will keep you asking for more. The name brings together various sectors like fashion designing, interior designing, designer shoots, profile shoots, event management & production. It offers access to the latest fashion, trends, accessories, celebrity photos, beauty tips, lifestyle news, fashion shows and much more.